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Described by many as a village, Amsterdam packs the cultural punch of a city many times its size. While still retaining a bit of a ‘sex, drugs and rock 'n’ roll' reputation, Amsterdam is now more about being a ‘creative city’ where the high standards set by such Golden Age painters as Rembrandt are maintained. The city has become a global hub for art, design, architecture and advertising, but one where all its attractions are just a short and scenic bike ride away.

Image of Hotel De Goudfazant
amazing #apc2012 dinner at Hotel De GoudfazantJoe Hall / CC BY 2.0
Hotel de Goudfazant Amsterdam Noordcurrystrumpet / CC BY-SA 2.0

Hotel De Goudfazant

Hotel De Goudfazant

Locals' Pick Industrial dining

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Lifestyle Brand

We love Amsterdam Noord and this is the best spot for dinner, especially in summer time.

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Marleen Visser

Food Photographer & Recipe Developer

No, this is not a hotel; it’s one of my favorite Amsterdam restaurants. For many many years I have gone there for the good vibe and the never-go-wrong menu.

Industrial dining Editors' Note

Hotel De Goudfazant is located in one of the coolest industrial buildings in Amsterdam. They offer extremely tasty, French oriented food. The stylish locals come here for the enormous building with its cool decor, the large portions of French food and the friendly staff.

Just a ferry ride away from the center, De Goudfazant is located in the up and coming Amsterdam Noord area. The huge building is perhaps not the right place for a romantic date, but the lively atmosphere can’t be better for a great night out with friends. The chandelier - made out of milk bottles - is the highlight of the stylish decor.

The food is consistently good and the fans love the bisque, charcuterie, roasted chicken and dark chocolate desserts.

Hotel De Goudfazant
Aambeeldstraat 10 H, 1021 KB Amsterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam
+31 20 636 5170
Tuesday - Sunday: 18:00 - 23:00