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Described by many as a village, Amsterdam packs the cultural punch of a city many times its size. While still retaining a bit of a ‘sex, drugs and rock 'n’ roll' reputation, Amsterdam is now more about being a ‘creative city’ where the high standards set by such Golden Age painters as Rembrandt are maintained. The city has become a global hub for art, design, architecture and advertising, but one where all its attractions are just a short and scenic bike ride away.

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Locals' Pick The first real salad bar

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Lifestyle Brand

Sla is the best place in town for healthy take-away food (and don’t forget to buy a kiyoko here).

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Ivana Perkovic


SLA opened in 2014 and they are expanding incredibly fast. It’s a pick and mix your own salad restaurant. This may not sound very appealing but they have the most delicious ingredients! My favorite is a salad with roasted pumpkin.

Traveler reviews

The first real salad bar Editors' Note

SLA (meaning salad in Dutch) is the first real salad bar in the heart of Amsterdam. Pick your favorites veggies, add delicious toppings and dressings and create your own, healthy masterpiece.

Most ingredients are organic and everything is fresher than fresh. The rustic interior matches the healthy approach, the staff is smiling and the prices are fair.

Make sure you get one of their delicious juices as well or pick a delicious organic beer.

Ceintuurbaan 149 Amsterdam, Amsterdam
+31 20-7893080
Mon - Sun: 12.00 - 21.00