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Athens, which sprawls well beyond its official limits, is unlike any other European capital. Home to roughly one-third of the Greek population, its fabric has been woven by successive waves of migrants – initially from the Greek provinces, today from abroad – since it was established in the 11th century B.C. The Greek capital may exhibit all the characteristics of a big city but at heart it remains a small town.

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Theatre of Dionysos

Theatre of Dionysos

Famous The oldest theatre in Greece

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The oldest theatre in Greece Editors' Note

The amazing Theatre of Dionysos was built to honor the god of wine, for the Festival of Great Dionysia. Back in 326BC it could seat 17,000 people on 64 tiers of seats, but today only 20 still survive. The original version of the theater was smaller, part of the temenos of “Dionysus Eleuthereus.”

The Greek authorities plan a partially restoration of the ruined Theatre of Dionysos. A $9 million program is set for completion by 2015, but with Greece’s current economy is not sure this is a feasible project.

Theatre of Dionysos
Dionysiou Areopagitou, Athens
May-Sep: 08:00-19:30; Nov-Mar: 08:00-17:00