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Athens, which sprawls well beyond its official limits, is unlike any other European capital. Home to roughly one-third of the Greek population, its fabric has been woven by successive waves of migrants – initially from the Greek provinces, today from abroad – since it was established in the 11th century B.C. The Greek capital may exhibit all the characteristics of a big city but at heart it remains a small town.

Baba Au Rum
Baba Au Rum
Baba Au Rum
Baba Au Rum
Baba Au Rum
Baba Au Rum

Baba Au Rum

Baba Au Rum

Locals' Pick For exceptional cocktails

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Athens Travel Blog

Baba au rum is one of the most famous bars in Athens and thanks to the skill of the bartenders it has been awarded the prize of the best cocktail bar in Athens and is the only bar in Greece to be included in the Worlds 50 best bars. The place is not very big but also has an outdoor area with tables and stools in a pedestrian area so that you are protected from the city center traffic. You can find a wide variety of cocktails, homemade syrups and bitters and one of the most outstanding rum collections in Europe, combined with exotica and alternative music. Baba au Rum is one of the first bar which treat rum and the cocktail culture in a completely different way and is visited by very nice people.

For exceptional cocktails Editors' Note

Baba Au Rum is one of Athens' highly acclaimed bars, especially if you are a cocktail drinker. They have exceptional libations, blended from premium spirits, syrups, and fresh fruit. The main focus is on rum-based cocktails, as Baba Au Rum is considered among the best rum bars in the world.

Baba Au Rum serves Greek beer and wines, too. They also have homemade sodas and soft drinks if you are not in the mood for alcoholic beverages.

Baba Au Rum
Klitiou 6, Athina, Athens
+30 21 1710 9140