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A unique mix of historic Athens and modern day Mediterranean culture

Athens, which sprawls well beyond its official limits, is unlike any other European capital. Home to roughly one-third of the Greek population, its fabric has been woven by successive waves of migrants – initially from the Greek provinces, today from abroad – since it was established in the 11th century B.C. The Greek capital may exhibit all the characteristics of a big city but at heart it remains a small town.

Restaurants in Athens

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  • Exarchia
  • Kolonaki
  • Monastiraki
  • Omonia Square
  • Plaka
  • Psirri
  • Syngrou
  • Syntagma Square


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    Greek food +Add

    I Palia Fava

    Tasty traditional Greek cuisine
    Locals' Pick
    European anchovy (4824766116) +Add

    To Kapileio Tou Zaxou

    Excellent fish tavern
    Locals' Pick
    Pork belly +Add

    Byráki Mezedopoleío

    Greek food and live music
    Locals' Pick
    Risotto +Add

    H Avli Tou Kouvelou

    Traditional tavern with rural aura
    Locals' Pick
    greek food +Add


    Intimate, rustic taverna
    Locals' Pick
    Aster +Add


    Cretan delicacies
    Locals' Pick
    Kallipateira +Add


    Home cooked, traditional Greek meals
    Locals' Pick
    meatballs +Add

    Keftes kai de ftes

    Specialty restaurant, with a focus on meatballs
    Locals' Pick
    salad +Add


    Local and Cretan dishes
    Locals' Pick
    Mikri Venetia +Add

    Mikri Venetia

    Cretan and Greek cuisine
    Locals' Pick
    Raki +Add


    Authentic Cretan cuisine
    Locals' Pick
    Dinner at Matsuhisa +Add

    Matsuhisa by Nobu

    Fine Japanese eatery
    Locals' Pick
    Malabar InHouse +Add

    Malabar InHouse

    Exquisite dining experience
    Locals' Pick
    lobster +Add


    Seafood and fish restaurant
    Locals' Pick
    salad +Add

    Dionysos Zonars

    Landmark restaurant under the Acropolis
    Locals' Pick
    cocktail +Add


    A posh dining experience
    Locals' Pick
    beans +Add

    Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani

    The traditional cuisine of Karaman & Cappadocia
    Locals' Pick
    Uploaded by Ronit +Add

    City Zen

    All day bar and restaurant overlooking the Acropolis
    Locals' Pick
    Falafellas +Add


    Excellent value, good street food
    Locals' Pick
    meat +Add

    Butcher Shop

    Deli and eatery
    Locals' Pick
    food +Add

    Manas Kouzina-Kouzina

    Real Greek cooking
    Locals' Pick
    salmon +Add

    Taverna Syrtaki

    Fish and seafood restaurant in Soúnion
    Locals' Pick
    shrimp +Add

    Black Duck Garden

    A little oasis in the center of Athens
    Locals' Pick
    restaurant +Add

    Funky Gourmet

    True edible art...
    Locals' Pick
    48 Urban Garden +Add

    48 Urban Garden

    Charming eatery, offering organic comfort food
    Locals' Pick
    Exterior +Add


    Diverse mezes right under the Acropolis
    Locals' Pick
    It restaurant +Add

    It Restaurant

    Authentic Greek cuisine
    Locals' Pick
    greek +Add

    To Mavro Provato

    Traditional Greek cuisine with a modern touch
    Locals' Pick
    Spanakopita - Warehouse Deli +Add

    Salos Lagos

    Traditional Greek at great prices
    Locals' Pick
    Acropolis Museum - Μουσείο Ακρόπολης +Add

    Acropolis Museum Restaurant

    Excellent Greek classics
    Locals' Pick
    Tofu and Avocado Salad topped with Tuna in Sesame Sauce - Horoki +Add


    Japanese cuisine by chef Shumpei Takizawa
    Locals' Pick
    sss +Add

    Oi Meraklides

    Barbecue restaurant and steakhouse
    Locals' Pick
    a time for a cup of coffee +Add

    Canteen of the National Bank

    Dine like the locals
    Locals' Pick
    Vegan Berry Crepes +Add

    Au Grand Zinc

    The best crepes in Athens
    Riquewihr +Add

    Chez Lucien

    French in Athens, anyone?
    Locals' Pick
    Uploaded by Ancis +Add


    A hidden gem
    guitar +Add

    Oi Thessaloi

    A local favorite
    greek salad +Add


    Fine Greek cuisine
    Greek Meat-Sticks +Add

    Doureios Ippos

    Great grilled meats
    triangle spinach +Add

    Kouzoulo Kifisia

    Authentic Cretan cuisine
    Steak +Add

    Les Petites Maisons

    Refined Greek cuisine
    house made seafood sausage +Add


    Mediterranean seafood and sushi
    The Mic +Add

    Mousiki Kanata

    Live fun restaurant
    Coffee +Add

    Best Friends

    Happy hangout
    Tentacles +Add


    Seafood from the Aegean Sea
    Sausage Roll - Nikos Cakes AUD6 +Add


    Light Mediterranean cuisine, organic
    Moussaka +Add


    An authentic taverna
    Greek Salad +Add


    Another traditional gem
    pastitsio +Add


    Greek, with cinnamon flavors
    Moussaka - Nikos Cakes AUD12.50 +Add


    One of the city's old classics
    Our first Greek salad in Greece! +Add


    A comfortable eatery with a true culture for food
    saganaki +Add


    Award winning Cretan restaurant
    Good looking coffees +Add

    O Platanos

    Good spitiko fageto since 1932
    The Fish_tuna_ - Spondi- Athens Greece +Add


    Elegance, exquisiteness and authenticity
    Uploaded by Maria +Add

    Aspro Alogo

    Genuine Greek Hospitality
    Loukoumades +Add


    An oasis in the city centre
    Bread, Olives and Olive Oil - Tea Rooms of Yarck +Add


    Greek country cuisine in a modern setting
    Linguine with porcini mushrooms +Add

    Al Milanese

    Italian cuisine with Greek flair
    Uploaded by Ronit +Add


    Traditional Greek cuisine with a contemporary twist
    Locals' Pick
    P3107938 +Add


    Haute cuisine in an incredible city setting
    wine & white +Add

    Cellier Zea

    Elegant dining with harbour views
       A view at Daphne's. +Add


    A classic in the heart of old Athens
    Χωριάτικη σαλάτα στους Διόσκουρους +Add


    Sample the flavours of Crete
    Bougatsa +Add


    Nouvelle cuisine at the foothill of the Acropolis
    DSC02854 +Add


    An excellent combination of fine dining and live music
    lamb souvlakia +Add


    A taste of the Mani in Athens
    Loukoumathes close-up - Hellenic Republic AUD6.25 half serve +Add


    Fish specialties on the slopes of the city's main hill
    Greek salad +Add


    Traditional Greek cuisine with a modern spin
    Avgolemono Soup and Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad +Add


    Romantic Provence flare
    Candlelights +Add


    Sophisticated bar restaurant serving mediterranean delicacies
    Food in Pireas, Greece (14027359359) +Add

    Plous Podilatou

    Elegant location, with tasty delights
    Saganaki  - Dips Tavern +Add

    Callirhoe Restaurant

    Refined and sophisticated Greek cuisine
    Greek salad +Add


    Fine Greek cuisine for the posh
    wine +Add


    Probably the best place for French cuisine in Athens
    Summer Ouzo +Add


    Fine dining for foodies
    #Blue #wicker weave. What do you think about this #color of wicker? by @wickerparadise , who created this work of art sitting on a wicker chair . +Add


    Fish, seafood and a friendly chef
    Acropolis, Athens +Add

    GB Roof Garden

    Unsurpassed views of the Acropolis
    Totoyume's Food "Seafood Salad" (Matsudo, Chiba, Japan) +Add


    Trendy seafood restaurant in Psyrri
    Χωριάτικη σαλάτα στους Διόσκουρους +Add


    Also known as Filippou
    Spanakopita - Warehouse Deli +Add


    Organic Greek delights
    Close-up - Marida White Bait  - Tsindos AUD9.50 +Add


    A local favorite
    Locals' Pick
    bar +Add


    One-stop shop for dining and clubbing