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A unique mix of historic Athens and modern day Mediterranean culture

Athens, which sprawls well beyond its official limits, is unlike any other European capital. Home to roughly one-third of the Greek population, its fabric has been woven by successive waves of migrants – initially from the Greek provinces, today from abroad – since it was established in the 11th century B.C. The Greek capital may exhibit all the characteristics of a big city but at heart it remains a small town.

48 Urban Garden
48 Urban Garden
48 Urban Garden
48 Urban Garden
48 Urban Garden
48 Urban Garden

48 Urban Garden

48 Urban Garden

Locals' Pick Charming eatery, offering organic comfort food

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Athens Travel Blog

This restaurant is hidden in a small residential street in the Ambelokipoi area, not far away from the Hilton Hotel and the Megaro Music Hall. The venue is modern and really stunning, for example in the restaurant area a vintage air-stream works as an open style kitchen where delicious hamburgers are prepared. The bar area is developed around a giant counter where great cocktails are prepared. The restaurant and the bar are separated by a beautiful garden decorated with picnic tables and lounge chairs (in this area smokers are welcome). The urban garden is also a perfect after dinner place where to have a drink and mingle with the 30+ cool Athenians! During the day you can visit the interesting contemporary art gallery.

Charming eatery, offering organic comfort food Editors' Note

48 Urban Garden is a beautiful eatery at the ground floor of the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center. The atmosphere is urban-chic, casual, and unpretentious. The decorations are minimalist, allowing the guest to focus on the garden, rather than on fancy design elements.

Natural light and relaxed garden atmosphere are the two features that make the 48 Urban Garden such an interesting dining choice. The menu is based on comfort food: you can order a burger, and eat it at the shade of the trees. The “kitchen” is a small airstream - but don’t let the size fool you. Everything is tasty, fresh, and prepared from locally sourced, organic produce.

48 Urban Garden
48 Armatolon & Klefton, 11471 Athens, Athens
Exarchia, Kolonaki
Monday - Saturday from 8:00pm, Sunday from 12:30pm