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A unique mix of historic Athens and modern day Mediterranean culture

Athens, which sprawls well beyond its official limits, is unlike any other European capital. Home to roughly one-third of the Greek population, its fabric has been woven by successive waves of migrants – initially from the Greek provinces, today from abroad – since it was established in the 11th century B.C. The Greek capital may exhibit all the characteristics of a big city but at heart it remains a small town.

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Manas Kouzina-Kouzina

Manas Kouzina-Kouzina

Locals' Pick Real Greek cooking

Profile Image of Chrysoula  Manika

Chrysoula Manika

Greek Travel Blogger

Manas Kuzina Kuzina is the perfect place to eat traditional dishes from around Greece. It has a wide selection of Greek beers and friendly prices.

Profile Image of Marissa Tejada

Marissa Tejada

Author & Travel Writer

The name means mother’s kitchen which describes what is on the menu. The restaurant specializes in magirefta or slow-baked traditional Greek dishes Greek mothers and grandmothers are famous for preparing. The dinner menu is different from the cafeteria-style lunch menu but the concept is the same. Choose from a changing menu of delicious dishes that hail from various regions of Greece and the Greek islands. Only Greek products and drinks including beer, wine, liquor and soft drinks are served. The restaurant itself is traditionally designed with warm colors and exudes a welcoming atmosphere. It is located in the new “hot spot” of Athens called St. Irene Square, perfect for people watching. Outdoor seats have a distant view of the Acropolis.

Profile Image of Chef Manas Kouzina

Dimitris Aivaliotis


As the chef behind the seasonal menu at Mana’s Kouzina-Kouzina, I love that our menu is an ever changing array of dishes and cuisines from all over our beautiful country. We only source from local Greek producers and have the largest selection of Greek beers and excellent local wines. Our square is the most atmospheric in the capital, a gentrified center of old Athens.

Real Greek cooking Editors' Note

Manas Kouzina-Kouzina (Mother’s Kitchen) is a true Greek dining experience, with a team that takes pride in creating authentic local dishes from different regions of Greece, all made with fresh, locally produced ingredients.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the cuisine is traditional Greek, based on old recipes, and 100% seasonal. All dishes are made from scratch, just like Greek mothers and grandmothers have done for centuries: yiouvetsi, Corfiot sofrito and pastitsada, are customary. Here the flavors, as well as the techniques, of traditional Greek kitchens are celebrated, making this a favorite among visitors and locals alike. Manas Kouzina-Kouzina also serves original Greek wine from small wineries, as well as local beers.

Manas Kouzina-Kouzina
Aiolou 27, Athina 105 51, Athens
+30 21 0325 2335
Open daily, 8:00am-11:00pm