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Casino gambling, a famous boardwalk, and seaside charm

Casino gambling is what drives tourists in Atlantic City, but this charming seaside city has many other attractions. The historic Atlantic City Boardwalk features an amusement park with rides, games and food, and the beaches are fantastic for swimming, sunning, and surfing. The Atlantic City Historical Museum and Atlantic City Art Center offer local art and culture, and the nightlife is some of the best on the East Coast.

Zen rock on beach sandAlon / CC BY 2.0

Ocean City Historical Museum

Ocean City Historical Museum

A town's treasure

A town's treasure Editors' Note

The Ocean City Historical Museum works to preserve the city’s heritage for future generations and has an extensive collection of Ocean City heirlooms and memorabilia.

During a visit to the Ocean City Historical Museum hear stories of a princess, a shipwreck filled with treasures from the Far East, sandy beached, marshes, wildlife and the famous boardwalk.

Ocean City Historical Museum
|1735 Simpson Avenue, 08226 Atlantic City
Tuesday Thru Friday - 10am to 4pm; Saturdays - 11am to 2pm