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Vivacious, ambitious, industrious: Barcelona is second to none

This cool, cosmopolitan metropolis is the bastion of Catalan nationalism and one of the greatest port cities on the Mediterranean. Barcelona’s distinct culture finds exuberant expression in its architecture – in the sinuous swirls of its Modernista buildings, in the other-worldly weirdness of Park Güell and in the soaring spires of the Sagrada Família. A stroll along the Rambla, Barcelona’s famed promenade, reveals a city of irrepressible energy and a proud and unique identity.

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Image of Ciutadella Park (Parc de la Ciutadella)
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Ciutadella Park (Parc de la Ciutadella)

Ciutadella Park (Parc de la Ciutadella)

Famous Grand park on the former Ciutadella fort site

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Dalia Lourenço

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After Montjuïc, this is the second biggest green space in Barcelona. It used to be a citadel, but its military days are long over and it’s been turned into a fantastic park. There’s a grand fountain, a small lake, museums and tables for ping pong. This is where families bring their kids to play, yoga and other sports gatherings take place and friends get together for picnics. The zoo is also nearby.

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Justine Ancheta

Barcelona Blogger

You could spend the whole day here rowing a boat on the lake, frolicking across the grass, playing at the playgrounds, or having a picnic lunch. Plus it’s central and easy to get to.

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Grand park on the former Ciutadella fort site Editors' Note

Built in 1714 as a fort for Spanish ruler Philips V after the war of the Spanish Succession, the Ciutadella was demolished after the district was returned to Barcelona. Three of the citadel’s buildings remain; the chapel, the Governor’s palace and the arsenal, now home to the Catalan Parliament.

Having overcome its painful past, the Ciutadella Park now features several attractions. Home to the “Castel dels Tres Dragons,” museums and the Barcelona Zoo, Ciutadella Park has plenty to explore and appreciate. Enjoy relaxing on the park’s lake, or enjoying the beautiful botanical surroundings.

Ciutadella Park (Parc de la Ciutadella)
Parc de la Ciutadella, 08018 Barcelona
+34 933 09 95 57