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Vivacious, ambitious, industrious: Barcelona is second to none

This cool, cosmopolitan metropolis is the bastion of Catalan nationalism and one of the greatest port cities on the Mediterranean. Barcelona’s distinct culture finds exuberant expression in its architecture – in the sinuous swirls of its Modernista buildings, in the other-worldly weirdness of Park Güell and in the soaring spires of the Sagrada Família. A stroll along the Rambla, Barcelona’s famed promenade, reveals a city of irrepressible energy and a proud and unique identity.

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Image of Las Ramblas
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Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas

Famous Pure street theatre

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Dalia Lourenço

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Day or night, La Rambla is a crowded street. During the day it is lined with kiosks selling souvenirs, newspapers, flowers and animals. Lately, low-quality souvenir stores and restaurants have been taking over and pickpockets have been moving in to prey on tourists. Regardless of what you may think of La Rambla, it is a must see and you’ll probably have to cross through it at some point anyway, since it is at the heart of the city. Don’t forget to drink from the Font de Canaletes – legend has it that if you do, you will come back to Barcelona!

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Justine Ancheta

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Step 1, watch your purse. Step 2, admire all the flower shops, ice cream stands (in the summer) , street performers and artists. It’s visually exciting and makes the kids say, “Hey look!” 15 times while walking down this boardwalk.

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Pure street theatre Editors' Note

Once a riverbed running alongside the Barri Gòtic, this has always been a meeting place, these days, rather than a promenade for locals, Las Ramblas is where tourist crowds from every corner of the globe congregate to gawk in amazement at street performers and each other.

This mile-long boulevard running from Plaça de Catalunya to the Columbus Monument is Barcelona’s most famous thoroughfare and an essential part of any visit to the city.

Las Ramblas
La Rambla, 8002 Barcelona