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Vivacious, ambitious, industrious: Barcelona is second to none

This cool, cosmopolitan metropolis is the bastion of Catalan nationalism and one of the greatest port cities on the Mediterranean. Barcelona’s distinct culture finds exuberant expression in its architecture – in the sinuous swirls of its Modernista buildings, in the other-worldly weirdness of Park Güell and in the soaring spires of the Sagrada Família. A stroll along the Rambla, Barcelona’s famed promenade, reveals a city of irrepressible energy and a proud and unique identity.

Image of Park Güell
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Image of Park Güell
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Image of Park Güell

Park Güell

Park Güell

Famous Gaudí's magic suburb - with UNESCO World Heritage status

Profile Image of Dalia  Lourenço

Dalia Lourenço

Video Blogger

Up in the mountain the Güell Family asked Gaudi to design a house for them with a nice calm park around it. He took the assignment seriously. The park is now one of Barcelona’s main tourist attractions thanks to its original and mystical design.

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Justine Ancheta

Barcelona Blogger

It’s like being in a human-sized Candyland. With its crooked walls and gingerbread houses, everyone feels a bit whimsical walking around this whimsical park. Do not miss!

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Gaudí's magic suburb - with UNESCO World Heritage status Editors' Note

The Park Güell was commissioned by a wealthy patron who was inspired by English garden cities. If he was expecting something like the leafy streets of Welwyn then he shouldn’t have hired Gaudí as architect.

The fantastical result includes Hansel-and-Gretel gatehouses, a magnificent staircase guarded by a mosaic lizard and the pillared Sala Hipóstila inspired by ancient Egypt. Commercially it was a failure but artistically it is a triumph, with UNESCO World Heritage status.

Park Güell
Carrer d'Olot, 13, 08024 Barcelona
Gràcia, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
+34 933 17 39 74
Park: 10am-sunset daily. Museum Apr-Sept 10am-7.45 daily. Oct-Mar 10am-5.45pm daily.