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Vivacious, ambitious, industrious: Barcelona is second to none

This cool, cosmopolitan metropolis is the bastion of Catalan nationalism and one of the greatest port cities on the Mediterranean. Barcelona’s distinct culture finds exuberant expression in its architecture – in the sinuous swirls of its Modernista buildings, in the other-worldly weirdness of Park Güell and in the soaring spires of the Sagrada Família. A stroll along the Rambla, Barcelona’s famed promenade, reveals a city of irrepressible energy and a proud and unique identity.

Cabaret Berlin

Cabaret Berlin

Locals' Pick Lush, in more ways than one

Profile Image of Jordi Chicletol

Jordi Chicletol

DJ and Photographer

This is an old whorehouse, turned into the trendiest club on the city. Thee hottest people and the coolest music in an unbelievable environment.

Lush, in more ways than one Editors' Note

Cabaret Berlin is maybe Barcelona’s most lushly decorated clubs. A former strip club turned disco bar, the place is adorned with red tassled lanterns that don’t really lie. Here you’ll find a mature audience mixing it up fashionably. Well, for the most part, the stripper poles kind of give away a lot of the class.

Guests can expect thematic VIP treatment and a bit of burlesque on the weekends too. Drinks tend to be normally priced, and the service is above par for Barcelona.

Cabaret Berlin
C/ Bailén nº 22 08010 Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona
+34 600 517 865
Fri - Sat: 12:00 am - 5:30 am