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Beijing, like many large Asian cities, is a merging of ancient and modern. Groundbreaking architecture, plush five star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants now rub shoulders with relics of the city’s past, be they street hawkers, traditional neighborhoods or UNESCO World Heritage sights.

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Zhang Laffitte

Zhang Laffitte

Chinese replica of a famous 17th century French chateau

Chinese replica of a famous 17th century French chateau Editors' Note

Zhang Laffitte is a Chinese replica of a famous 17th century French chateau. The driving force behind the chateau is the wealthy Chinese real estate developer, Zhang Yuchen. It is a twin to France’s Château Maisons Laffitte, located on the Seine River. The Chinese chateau was built in 2000.

Zhang Laffitte houses a hotel, a spa, and a museum. There is also a garden that mirrors the French garden in the original inspiration for the house. The house is surrounded with a moat and there are guards in French uniforms stationed on the property.

Zhang Laffitte
Beiqijia, Changping, Beijing