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The city that got the ultimate makeover

Beijing, like many large Asian cities, is a merging of ancient and modern. Groundbreaking architecture, plush five star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants now rub shoulders with relics of the city’s past, be they street hawkers, traditional neighborhoods or UNESCO World Heritage sights.

chinaChris Stevenson / CC BY-SA 2.0

Guo Zi Jian and Kong Miao

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Guo Zi Jian and Kong Miao

Large Confucian temple dates from the early 14th century

Stay Editor's Note

Guo Zi Jian and Kong Miao are two large Confucian temples that date from the early 14th century. In the same complex is the Directorate of Education. There are 198 signs in the courtyard inscribed with the names of successful candidates for admission. Here was once The Imperial College.

After a short walk from the metro station, you’ll reach Guo Zi Jian and Kong Miao, where you can admire an exhibit of the 13 ancient Chinese classics. There is an attendant who will recite some of the ancient works.

Guo Zi Jian and Kong Miao
Guo Zi Jian Jie 13, Beijing
+86 10/8401-1977
8:30am-4:30pm; Guo Zi Jian 9am-5pm