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Beijing, like many large Asian cities, is a merging of ancient and modern. Groundbreaking architecture, plush five star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants now rub shoulders with relics of the city’s past, be they street hawkers, traditional neighborhoods or UNESCO World Heritage sights.

1996 #247-19a Beijing Tiananmen Square Museums of the Chinese Revolution and of Chinese HistoryDan Lundberg / CC BY-SA 2.0

Museum of the Chinese Revolution

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Museum of the Chinese Revolution

A history of the Chinese society

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Museum of the Chinese Revolution documents the political changes that have occurred in Chinese society. More specifically, exhibits focus on the Chinese revolution of the early 20th century and the development of the Communist party. Exhibits are arranged by the time in which they occurred.

Museum of the Chinese Revolution is located in the same building as the National Museum of Chinese History. Together, the two museums provide an excellent overview of Chinese culture and political and historical events.

Museum of the Chinese Revolution
East of Tiananmen Square, Beijing