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Beijing, like many large Asian cities, is a merging of ancient and modern. Groundbreaking architecture, plush five star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants now rub shoulders with relics of the city’s past, be they street hawkers, traditional neighborhoods or UNESCO World Heritage sights.

Da Zhong Si (Great Bell Temple)

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Da Zhong Si (Great Bell Temple)

Museum features giant bell that weights over 45 tons

Stay Editor's Note

Da Zhong Si (Great Bell Temple) houses the Ancient Bell Museum. One of the main exhibits at the museum is the 47 ton bell that was moved here in 1743. The bell is carved with over 200,000 characters in Chinese and Sanskrit. The characters comprise the names of those who wished the emperor well.

Da Zhong Si (Great Bell Temple) was once known as Juesheng Si (Awakened Life Temple). Since the arrival of the large bell, it has come to be known by a new name. The huge bell is only rung on New Year’s eve.

Da Zhong Si (Great Bell Temple)
Bei San Huan Xi Lu 31A, Beijing
Tues-Sun 8:30am-4:30pm