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Profile Image of Ove Svendsen

Ove Svendsen


Ove is a musician, wine bar owner, and sommelier. He has worked in the food and wine industry since the early 2000s and has released two music albums. He earns his money as a food and beverage manager for a restaurant group in Bergen, where he recommends and buys large quantities of wine. He spends his free time traveling, eating good food and drinking even better wines.

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Profile Image of Alehunt Oslo


Beer Experts

AleHunt lets you find the best beers, places and breweries. We keep track of where to get beers.

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Profile Image of Gunvor Rasmussen

Gunvor Rasmussen


I work as a full time illustrator from my office and gallery at Bryggen in Bergen, Norway. I make children’s books and editorial illustrations.

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Profile Image of MAD architects AS



As you and I, buildings are social beings. And just like us, architecture cannot live and prosper unless it relates to its environment. We strive towards our ideal of creating architecture that adapts while maintaining personality and character; which is blending in by standing out!

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Profile Image of Johanna Dyngeland

Johanna Dyngeland

Health Coach

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and help people achieve their individual health goals. I am originally from Austria, having lived in London for three years before moving to Bergen in 2006.

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Profile Image of Seven Impale

Seven Impale


Seven Impale is the sound of the past and the future. Mixing modern metal rhythmic, often heard from bands like Tool and Meshuggah, and the classic prog rock style of bands like King Crimson and Van der Graaf Generator. Seven Impale are also using elements of jazz in the harmonics and use of improvisation.

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Profile Image of Johanne Mandujano

Johanne Mandujano


A native of Bergen, I work as a barista at Det Lille Kaffekompaniet and have participated in both regional and national barista championships in Norway. When I’m not working or studying, I also like to read poems and do random acrobatics whenever possible!

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Profile Image of Claudia N Couture

Claudia N Couture

Fashion Designer

Claudia is a fashion designer from Bergen, Norway. Her unique pieces are designed to inspire self confidence, beauty and vitality in the women who wear them.

Designed by Claudia N’s innovative, playful and yet sophisticated vision, this collection achieves an aesthetic figure with touches of classic cut elements.

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Profile Image of Marthe Elise Stramrud

Marthe Elise


I’m a Norwegian artist, currently is based in Oslo. A few years back I studied at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts and thus lived in Bergen for many years – and I loved it!

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Profile Image of Claudia Menger


Stay.com's Content Manager

Stay.com Content & Community Manager | World Traveler | Health Coach | Yoga Teacher | Vegetarian

Creator of tons of Stay.com guides focusing on health and budget. Expect juice bars, independent cafes, yoga studios, free attractions and a whole lot more.

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Profile Image of Dionne Yoga

Dionne Yoga

Yoga Teacher

Hiya! My name’s Dionne, and i’m a yoga teacher, dj and writer from the UK living in Bergen since 2010. I’ve spent a little while acclimatising but having a roving adventure here, holding a twice-weekly residency in Norway’s oldest Kindergaten, Herosalen, Bergen Barneasyl, and leading an art and yoga event with KODE, the art galleries of Bergen. I host Norway’s first Yoga Disco concept as well. I feel very lucky. I also love animals, projects, coffee, Prince and yoga.

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Profile Image of Siv Lier

Siv Lier

Norwegian Designer

I am a designer working from the west coast city Bergen in Norway. I work with furniture, object and space design, and make friendly design with a twist and a strong emphasis on sustainability.

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Profile Image of Andreas Roksvåg

Andreas Roksvaag

Photographer and Professional Dreamer

As a photographer and breakdancer I love travelling and my curiosity has taken me to the top of the Kilimanjaro, made me swim in frozen rivers and introduced me to indigenous tribes never visited by outsiders.

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