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The city of the Seven Mountains

De syv fjell (The Seven Mountains) surround the center of the misty harbor town of Bergen. Nestled on the country’s rocky west coast, Bergen is exciting and charming, an ideal starting point for fjord tours and cruises. Bryggen – the medieval fish market street - also known as Tyskebryggen (the German Wharf), is one of the city’s most picturesque sights. Bryggen has been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site since 1979 – a well deserved accolade, for its unique architecture.

Restaurants in Bergen

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  • Fine Dining


  • Årstad
  • Bergenhus
  • Fyllingsdalen
  • Laksevåg


  • European
  • Local
  • Seafood
  • Asian
  • Italian
  • Fusion / Eclectic
  • Steak/Barbeque
  • Thai
  • Pizza
  • Exclusive gourmet
  • Vietnamese
    margherita D.O.C. +Add

    Da stefano

    Delicious homemade Italian
    Noodles +Add

    Ma Ma-Thai

    Thai cuisine, since 1994
    food +Add

    Kafé Spesial

    International, affordable food
    Locals' Pick
    Brunch, Bodega på Kapelvej +Add

    Bare på 13

    Local quality cuisine
    Locals' Pick
    Shrimps and corn chowder +Add


    Bergen's food market
    Locals' Pick
    Wild Garlic +Add

    Marg & Bein

    Local organic cuisine
    Locals' Pick
    Det siste måltidet +Add


    A bistro inside the former Bien Apotek
    Locals' Pick
    Uploaded by Helene +Add

    Søstrene Hagelin

    Home made Norwegian fast food
    Locals' Pick
    Pasta w/grilled vegetables +Add

    Cornelia Brasseri

    Finest seafood
    Locals' Pick
    vegetarian sub +Add

    Café Aura

    A diversion from the ordinary
    Pizza ready for the oven +Add


    Tradtion with a touch of crisp modernist
    Oksekjake +Add


    80 years experience serving hundreds of years of Norwegian tradition
    Hongshao Qiezi +Add

    Yang Tse Kiang

    Moderately priced
    Butter Chicken and Naan +Add

    Arti Indisk Restaurant

    Unpretentious Indian ambiance
    Pretty Margarita +Add


    Traditional Norwegian food by day and brews by night
    pasta +Add

    Bottega Italiana

    Pasta to tiramisu, it is covered here
    Image of Salsa +Add


    Texmex deliciousness
    Locals' Pick
    flat iron steak +Add

    Casa del Toro

    There is a price for great Mexican in Bergen
    337/365 Sushi +Add

    Nama Sushi & Noodles

    The city's most popular sushi bar
    Burmese Curry w/ Mixed Vegetables +Add

    Thai Curry House

    Well worth waiting for
    Fish soup +Add


    One of Norway's best
    Spisekroken - Bergen +Add


    It's easy to recommend excellence
    Locals' Pick
    Bergen, unesco site 04 +Add

    Bryggen Tracteursted

    The charm of Bryggen orchestrated over traditional food
    Lunch at Pasta Sentral +Add


    Italian for those on the go
    Image of Sumo +Add


    The exemplification of fresh healthy food
    Locals' Pick
    Ægir Påskesol +Add


    A casual place to sample great International cuisine
    sushi +Add

    Red Sun Restarant & Bar

    Attention to detail for dining excellence
    Image of Egon +Add


    A fast stop for great pizza at a fair price
    duck +Add

    Hot Wok City

    A convenient reprieve from Norwegian delicacies
    Locals' Pick
    Butter Chicken and Naan +Add


    A royal treat for Indian cuisine enthusiasts
    Hansa Bokeh heaven +Add

    To Kokker

    Unpretentious dining with a unique flair
    Deep Fried Bream with Thai dressing - Kao Gang +Add


    A no nonsense place to eat
    food +Add


    Superb French gourmet cuisine
    Uploaded by To +Add

    Restaurant Cornelius

    A unique seafood experience
    Tapas! +Add

    Escalón Tapas Restaurant

    A cozy place to enjoy the best tapas menu in town
    Locals' Pick
    tapas +Add

    Lille Escalón Tapas Restaurant

    So popular, now there are two
    Wine twice +Add


    For a business dinner, or a romantic evening out
    Pingvinen +Add


    The true flavor of Norway
    Locals' Pick
    Warming soup +Add


    Soup for everyone, and more
    Locals' Pick
    Steak +Add

    Big Horn Steakhouse

    Wild West flavor comes to Norway
    tomato +Add


    A vegetarian alternative in Bergen
    Locals' Pick
    Nabokjelleren +Add

    Naboen Pub & Restaurant

    Nordic cuisine and spirits, Bergen style
    Ribbe +Add

    Bellevue Restauranter

    Lyststedet Bellevue - Historic Restaurant in Bergen
    Uploaded by Karina +Add


    One of Bergen's best
    Locals' Pick
    food +Add

    Bambus 33

    Vietnamese cuisine with a Scandinavian flair
    Gravlaks på landbrød med dillsennepsaus (lox on rye bread with dill and mustard sauce) at Bryggeloftet & Stuene, Bryggen, Bergen +Add

    Bryggeloftet & Stuene

    Great dining on the wharf in Bergen
    Bryggen i Bergen - Enhjørningen +Add


    Treasures of the sea from an unimpeachable source
    gourmet +Add


    Perfect by candlelight