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Germany's cutting-edge capital of cool

Leaving behind decades of division and exile from the European mainstream, contemporary Berlin has reemerged as an open-minded, cosmopolitan hub of culture, both high and low. Studded with new architecture, Berlin is confident enough to highlight and reassess the scars of a uniquely eventful 20th century. Today it is the proud home of internationally resonant film, galleries, rock music, performing arts, and gay scenes, while its nightlife has always remained resolutely wild.

Cabaret Berlín2The Brandery / CC BY 2.0

Kleine Nachtrevue

Kleine Nachtrevue

A fantastic cabaret experience

A fantastic cabaret experience Editors' Note

Kleine Nachtrevue is as close as it gets to a genuine German cabaret experience. This dinner theater is reminiscent of the days of Marlene Dietrich and that legendary ambiance the genre is famous for.

The site has been used in any number of period films for the very reason it is so popular, one simply cannot find a better representative of a true cabaret. Nightly shows here reveal the same tradtitional playfulness, intertwined with cutting edge comedy from today.

A four course dinner also adds to the club’s allure, as do some special events on the calendar. The venue is classy and chic, and a really unique entertainment experience.

Kleine Nachtrevue
Kurfurstenstrasse 116, Berlin
49 0 30 21 88 950
7pm-3am Tue-Sat.