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Germany's cutting-edge capital of cool

Leaving behind decades of division and exile from the European mainstream, contemporary Berlin has reemerged as an open-minded, cosmopolitan hub of culture, both high and low. Studded with new architecture, Berlin is confident enough to highlight and reassess the scars of a uniquely eventful 20th century. Today it is the proud home of internationally resonant film, galleries, rock music, performing arts, and gay scenes, while its nightlife has always remained resolutely wild.

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Sonora Milagrosa @ Kaffee BurgerMontecruz Foto / CC BY-SA 2.0

Kaffee Burger

Kaffee Burger

All-purpose venue and home of Russian Disco

All-purpose venue and home of Russian Disco Editors' Note

This unpretentious venue, with communist-era decor and inexpensive drinks, has one of the most doggedly eclectic programmes in town. Kaffee Burger, party nights typically involve both live acts and DJs, ranging from indie-pop and dance classics, through alt-country and latin, to klezmer and Balkan beats.

The most famous Kaffee Burger night is expat Muscovite and author Vladimir Kaminer’s monthly Russian Disco. Early evenings are often devoted to lectures, readings, film screenings and quirky theatre performances.

Kaffee Burger
Torstrasse 60, 10119 Berlin
+49 30 2804 6495
Open 8pm-late Mon-Thur; 9pm-late Fri, Sat; 7pm-late Sun