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Germany's cutting-edge capital of cool

Leaving behind decades of division and exile from the European mainstream, contemporary Berlin has reemerged as an open-minded, cosmopolitan hub of culture, both high and low. Studded with new architecture, Berlin is confident enough to highlight and reassess the scars of a uniquely eventful 20th century. Today it is the proud home of internationally resonant film, galleries, rock music, performing arts, and gay scenes, while its nightlife has always remained resolutely wild.

Altes Zollhaus

Altes Zollhaus

When the big city gets too much you don’t need to...

When the big city gets too much you don’t need to... Editors' Note

When the big city gets too much you don’t need to drive out of Berlin to enjoy a rustic, relaxing experience. Altes Zollhaus is located on the banks of the old Spree canal, surrounded by nature. Ducks sail past, birds twitter, bowed willows trail their drooping branches in gentle water, boats lazily float and Altes Zollhaus watches over, a half timbered house, dating back to the turn of the century. The rustic dining room has a hint of modernity in the choice of furniture and artworks but there’s no doubt that in dining at this award winning regional German restaurant you’re part of history and part of nature. You’d hardly believe you were less than an hour’s stroll from the centre of the city.

Altes Zollhaus
30 Carl - Herz -Ufer, Berlin, 10961 Berlin
18:00-23:30 Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat