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One of America's most historic cities is also among the most progressive

A leading intellectual and cultural hub, Boston has long been associated with a certain ivy league character, yet, thanks to the constant influx of young blood to its numerous universities, it is a center for fresh ideas and cutting-edge arts. Although its charming old neighborhoods are impeccably preserved, this is a modern and increasingly style-conscious city, proudly displaying the results of decades of intensive urban regeneration.

Went to check out two Julian Opie prints at gallery in Boston (wasn't sure if I was allowed to take pic, so I snuck this one from elevator)dennis crowley / CC BY 2.0

Barbara Krakow

Barbara Krakow

Long-standing gallery

Long-standing gallery Editors' Note

This is one of the most prestigious galleries in the city, and Barbara Krakow is the reason why. Her continued enthusiasm for new talent, along with her excellent taste in well-established contemporary artists guarantee that there’s always plenty to engage with and appreciate here.

Past exhibitions at Barbara Krakow have included the dark drawings of Louise Bourgeois, and political art on the theme of censorship from Jenny Holzer.

Barbara Krakow
10 Newbury St # 5, MA 02116 Boston
1-617 262 4490
10am-5.30pm Tue-Sat.