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One of America's most historic cities is also among the most progressive

A leading intellectual and cultural hub, Boston has long been associated with a certain ivy league character, yet, thanks to the constant influx of young blood to its numerous universities, it is a center for fresh ideas and cutting-edge arts. Although its charming old neighborhoods are impeccably preserved, this is a modern and increasingly style-conscious city, proudly displaying the results of decades of intensive urban regeneration.

BrushesSimone Bosotti / CC BY-SA 2.0

Fort Point Arts Community Gallery

Fort Point Arts Community Gallery

Art, design and fine craft

Art, design and fine craft Editors' Note

On the ground floor of a live/work studio building, the Fort Point Arts Community Gallery specializes in challenging video art, such as the work of Michael Sheridan, who projected sensual close-up films of vegetables being cut on to a bed of white rice, and strange metaphysical visual art.

Metaphysical visual art? Right! Like the Metamorphosis Chamber show, which featured mutated oddball pen and ink drawings by John Casey and the automatic drawing of Basil El Halwagy. Check the website for details of the annual autumn open studios, when more than 200 artists in the Fort Point area open their inner sanctums to the public.

Fort Point Arts Community Gallery
300 Summer St, Boston, MA, Boston
1-617 423 4299
9am-3.30pm Mon-Wed; 9am-6pm Thur; 9am- 3.30pm Fri.