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Profile Image of Nicole Otchy

Nicole Otchy

Personal Stylist

I’m Nicole Otchy: personal stylist and branding consultant.

I combine years of experience working in public relations, styling photo shoots, and working with individuals from all walks of life to discover their own personal style to bring you a unique and well-vetted perspective on the styling experience.

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Profile Image of Stephanie Ferisin

Stephanie Ferisin

Health Coach

Stephanie takes a unique approach to helping men and women find freedom from the weight and diet drama and confidence in their skin by changing their relationship with food. She works with people who are sick and tired of yo-yo dieting and want to feel and look their best without stressing over what they eat and what they weigh. She teaches her clients to stop letting food consume them (and stop overeating in the process) so they can start living the life they truly crave.

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Profile Image of Terence Janericco

Terence Janericco

Chef, Author

Chef Terence Janericco started working for a caterer in his youth and has been involved in creating fine food ever since. He is Boston-based and has taught people to cook better for themselves and their friends.

He is also a food writer who has virtually created his own culinary library. His books include the First Edition of The Book of Great Hors d’Oeuvre, as well as The Book of Great Breakfasts and Brunches, and more.

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Profile Image of Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill

Map Designer

I founded the “Places I Have Never Been” drawing series. I was driving on a dark night listening to Modest Mouse. They have a line saying “we named our children after towns, that we’ve never been to.” I started dreaming about places I had never been to and started to see patterns. At home I started to sketch and put the drawings together as a desk calendar gift for my design clients. People really enjoyed the calendar and it organically morphed into a print series of “modern travel posters.”

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Profile Image of Steven Collicelli

Steven Collicelli

Food Truck Expert

Before moving to Boston, I tended bar at a brewery in Oregon, studied television history in Los Angeles, and helped create jobs for folks with disabilities in Utah. With its unique mix of colleges, startup entrepreneurs, and salty local history, I’ve slowly fallen for Boston, a city where you are only limited by your own dreams and determination

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Profile Image of Kelsey Knoedler

Kelsey Knoedler

Vintage Fashion Expert

I’m the founder of Hipstorical, a blog for all things reimagined, reinvented and repurposed around the world. I explore them and share them with the world through writing.

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Profile Image of Sofi Madison

Sofi Madison

Boutique Owner

Olives & Grace features emerging artists, gift producers, and small batch food makers from across the country. We’re fighting the good fight by helping to preserve the simple pleasure of walking into a shop and discovering products that have been drafted and perfected by skilled craftsmen.

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Profile Image of Nathalie Fanfan

Nathalie Fanfan

Stylist and Personal Shopper

Nathalie Fanfan is a talented Fashion Stylist & Personal Shopper based in Boston, MA, who is known for her eye for detail and ability to quickly create interesting and cohesive looks. Her natural ability to style and help people look amazing is the reason she turned her passion for fashion and style into a career.

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Profile Image of Meghan Malloy

Meghan Malloy

Blogger of Travel, Wine, and Dine

Meghan Malloy is a Marketing Communications Consultant and blogger at the blog Travel, Wine, and Dine. A blogger for over six years, Meghan shares her favorite travel stories, wine and restaurant reviews, and recipes. In addition to eating her way through the Boston area, Meghan likes to travel as much as possible, noting Ireland and Sonoma County, California as favorite spots. She also recently completed a safari in Tanzania.

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Profile Image of Christine Koh

Christine Koh


Christine Koh is a former music and brain neuroscientist turned multimedia creative. She’s the editor of BostonMamas.com and co-author of Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More By Doing Less.

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Profile Image of Christine Gasparich

Christine Gasparich

Interior Decorator

Christine Alice Gasparich is a Boston based interior decorator. Her designs are classic, personal, and influenced by the natural world. Christine pairs vintage finds with chic and modern elements and believes that no room is complete without green plants and fresh flowers.

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Profile Image of Anna Meier

Anna Meier

Writer and literary professional

I am an avid lover of all things literary and culinary. A New England transplant, I love finding out-of-the-way places to read, shop, and explore. I studied publishing and writing in Boston and worked for a publishing company there. I’m now living in Portland, Maine and enjoying life by the sea.

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Profile Image of Jess Rocks

Jess Rocks


Jessica Santacroce is an independent singer/songwriter that lives in a small seaside town directly next to Boston. When she is not writing music or performing, her interests include cats, coffee, art, enjoying time with friends, and supporting local businesses.

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Profile Image of Kelly Upson

Kelly Upson

Food Stylist

Kelly Upson is one of Boston’s top freelance food stylists and has over 17 years of experience in preparing food and beverages for photography and film. I am fortunate to travel quite a bit for my job and I’m always looking for the latest food trends and restaurants wherever my work takes me.

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Profile Image of Izzy Darby

Izzy Darby - Veganizzm

Vegan Food Blogger

Izzy is the Boston-based vegan food blogger behind Veganizzm. When she’s not Googling “animals being funny,” biking around in circles, or translating a Russian novel, she’s probably off somewhere eating plants.

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Profile Image of Jeremy Krantz

Jeremy Krantz

Beer Expert

Jeremy Krantz is a geeky technology enthusiast and online marketing professional. When not working, Jeremy enjoys cooking, eating out at various restaurants in and around Boston and also drinking craft beer.

Craft Beer Boston is a side project by Jeremy Krantz which covers the exciting and exploding craft beer scene in the Boston area.

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Profile Image of Megan Marrs

Megan Marrs

Food Truck Blogger

Megan Marrs is a food truck blogger in the Boston area and creator of the Boston Food Truck Blog. When she’s not mowing down on mobile cuisine or gallivanting about the city, you’ll find her curled up with a good book or a video game.

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Profile Image of Alisha K

Alisha K


I’m a photographer that grew up in Dallas but spent five years studying in Boston. I love to travel and explore different cities with my camera. I have worked with numerous performers, including: Kathy Griffin, Tracy Morgan, Boyz II Men, Hanson, Bad Rabbits, and Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons.

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Profile Image of Rifrákt Art


Artist Community

Rifrákt is a community of emerging Boston artists devoted to networking and the pursuit of local art. Founded in May 2009, Rifrákt strives to foster a progressive and productive forum where creative energy and ideas take shape. Rifrákt welcomes those working in all mediums who wish to pursue, explore, acknowledge, educate and promote other artists within the community.

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