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Graceful, sunny, big-hearted Brissie

A city as charming as any other Australian city, yet somewhat more authentic than many, Brisbane is cosmopolitan, gracefully landscaped in perfect harmony with surrounding nature, and full of life. From visiting the city’s cultural landmarks, to cuddling koalas and exploring nature trails and sea - everything is better than you expected. The party scene gets lively at dusk, all centered around Fortitude Valley where you will also find the city’s finest fusion cuisine.

The Barracks, Brisbane 01Kgbo / CC BY-SA 3.0

Palace Barracks Cinemas

Palace Barracks Cinemas

Stylish cinema experience

Stylish cinema experience Editors' Note

For the Brisbane cinema enthusiasts of all tastes, Palace Barracks Cinemas has always been the most stylish and lovely cinema experience in town.

The program includes a top notch selection of mainstream, international and independent movies, all benefiting from the high quality sound and image equipment, while the cinema-goers can enjoy themselves in the comfy chairs in the six available theaters.

Palace Barracks Cinemas
61 Petrie Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane
+61 7 3236 9056