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Unusual mix of darkness and beauty

Lost in time – that’s how you feel in the heart of Bruges, Europe’s best preserved medieval city. This is a dreamy city that could convert the most modern poet into a romantic: nothing upsets the peace and equilibrium of this medieval destination - no high rises, rare neon lights and hardly any blights of modern development. A waffle stall on every corner, romantic carriages on every street, and an airy main square with 47 chiming bells are just some of the city’s unique features.

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  • Markt & Burg
  • Minnewater & Astrid Park
  • St. Anna
  • St. Gilles


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    Brugge Grootseminarie R01 +Add

    Hof De Jonge

    Lovely green space
    Locals' Pick
    Arentshof +Add


    A small oasis of green
    Knokke-Heist +Add


    Splendid beaches, seaside resorts
    Koningin Astridpark +Add

    Koningin Astridpark

    An oasis of green and calm
    Brugse Vesten: Koeleweimolen +Add

    Brugse Vesten

    The city ramparts
    BRUGGE (Sint-Andries) - Kasteel Tudor +Add

    Tudor Castle

    Beautiful manor, with restaurant and gardens
    Sint-Pietersabdij Gent +Add


    Benedictine abbey in Steenbrugge
     Sint-Janshuismolen +Add


    Historic mill, from 1770
    Saaihalle +Add


    Historic building, housing the Frietmuseum
     Poortersloge +Add


    Historic building, across from Tolhuis
     Pijndershuisje +Add


    Fabulously decorated narrow building
     Oud Sint-Janshospitaal +Add

    Oud Sint-Janshospitaal

    Old St. John's Hospital
    Koeleweimolen +Add


    Corn mill in Kruisvest
    Locals' Pick
    Kasteel van Tillegem +Add

    Kasteel van Tillegem

    Historic castle, an important local landmark
     Kasteel van Male +Add

    Kasteel van Male

    Historic castle in Sint-Kruis
    Koude Keuken +Add

    Koude Keuken

    Residential neighborhood, with a large park area
    Horse stalls in the stables +Add

    Kasteel Ter Lucht

    Historic castle, surrounded by a beautiful park
    Jan Breydelstadion +Add

    Jan Breydelstadion

    Brugge's main football stadium
    Huis 't Schaep +Add

    Huis 't Schaep

    17th century buildings
    Godshuizen (Almshouses): Bakkersrente +Add

    Godshuizen (Almshouses)

    Precursors of public housing
    Fort van Beieren +Add

    Fort van Beieren

    Historic attraction, with café
    Bonne-Chièremolen +Add


    Historic mill in Kruisvest
    Smedenpoort +Add


    One of the four remaining city gates of Bruges
    Kruispoort +Add


    One of the remaining city gates
    Gentpoort +Add


    City gate of Brugge, housing a museum
     Ezelpoort +Add


    Historic city gate
    Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-van-Blindekenskapel +Add


    Chapel of Our Lady of the Blind
    Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van 't Boompje +Add

    Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van 't Boompje

    Small chapel complex in scenic surroundings
    Onze-Lieve-Vrouw ter Potterie +Add

    Onze-Lieve-Vrouw ter Potterie

    Historic hospital, with church and museum
    Jeruzalemkerk +Add


    Unique stained glass windows
    Sint-Gilliskerk +Add


    Church of Saint Giles
    Engels Klooster +Add

    Engels Klooster

    The English Convent
    Sint-Annakerk +Add


    Historic church, with splendid interiors
     Sint-Walburgakerk +Add


    Baroque church, popular for weddings
    Sint-Jakobsplein +Add


    Site of the Sint-Jakobskerk
    Simon Stevinplein +Add

    Simon Stevinplein

    Scenic square of Brugge
     Muntplein +Add


    Beautiful little square with a statue of Mary of Burgundy
    Locals' Pick
    Huidenvettersplein +Add


    Brugge's tourist central
    Grote Markt +Add

    Grote Markt

    The main market square of Brugge
    Eiermarkt +Add


    Great in the summer, for its cozy cafes
    Locals' Pick
    Ankerplein +Add


    Meeting point in the heart of Brugge
    Church in Achiel Van Ackerplein +Add

    Achiel Van Ackerplein and Joseph Ryelandtzaal

    Historic square and church
    Kanaal Gent-Brugge +Add

    Kanaal Gent-Brugge

    A scenic canal, alongside countryside paths
    Spiegelrei +Add


    Rei and street in Brugge
    Speelmansrei +Add


    Dining and walking by the canal
    Sint-Annarei +Add


    Pedestrian street, and rei
    Langerei +Add


    Canal and street in the heart of Brugge
    Katelijnevest +Add


    Romantic promenade
    Gouden-Handrei +Add


    A scenic rei in Brugge
    Coupure +Add


    City canal and street, favorite with cyclists
    Begijnenvest +Add


    Historic street not far from Begijnhof Ten Wijngaerde
    Bakkersrei at  the height of the Beguinage with Vineyard Bridge +Add


    Many landmarks along this rei
     Augustijnenrei +Add


    Historic street and rei in Brugge
    Dijver +Add


    Part of the historic reien of Brugge
    Groenerei +Add


    The place for romance in Brugge
    Kasteel van Wijnendale +Add

    Kasteel van Wijnendale

    Historic landmark and museum in Torhout
    BRUGGE - Domein Beisbroek +Add

    Public Observatory Beisbroek

    The skies, closer
    Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Bezoekingskerk Lissewege +Add

    Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Bezoekingskerk Lissewege

    Our Lady of the Visitation Church Lissewege
    2014-09-13 14.36.52 Ferme du Mont à Thorembais-les-Beguines +Add

    The Beguine's House

    Historic vineyard museum shows the life of a beguine
    Sint-Janshuismolen Brugge +Add

    St. Janshouse Mill

    Original historic windmill dating from the 18th century
    Bruges, Belgium +Add

    Sint-Salvatorskathedraal (Holy Savior Cathedral)

    Beautiful gothic church, features many historic and religious ...
    Brujas01 +Add

    Landhuis van het Brugse Vrije (Palace of the ...

    Historic building and government office, with royal statues
    Bruges, hof bladelin, ex-sede del banco medici 02 +Add

    Hof Bladelin (Bladelin House)

    Historic mansion is an excellent example of Renaissance style
    Burg in the evening +Add


    A square surrounded by Bruges' oldest Renaissance buildings
    Bruges +Add

    Bruges Christmas Market

    The perfect spot to spend Christmas
    Bruges town hall +Add

    Town Hall (Stadhuis)

    Historical town hall is representative of ornate Gothic style
    Damme +Add

    Canal Trip Bruges-Damme

    A leisurely way to sight see from the canals of Bruges
    Bruges +Add

    Historic Centre of Brugge

    Architectural and historical site featuring beautiful medieval ...
    Belgium-5992 - Minnewater +Add

    Minnewater Lake

    The Lake of Love
    Locals' Pick
    theatre +Add

    The English Theatre of Bruges

    Experience theater in Bruges
    Church of Our Lady. +Add

    Church of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk)

    Home of rare beauty and treasures
    Basilica of the Holy Blood - Saint-Baselius Chapel +Add

    Basilica of the Holy Blood (Heilige Bloed ...

    A magnificent piece of history
    Brugge Markt Noordzijde R01 +Add

    The Pink Bear Bicycle Company

    Take the ride of your life
    Balloons over Bruges +Add

    Bruges Ballooning

    UP, UP and Away
    Bruges Gruuthuse Canal +Add

    Canal Boat Tours

    Relax and take it all in
    good morning bruges +Add

    Quasimodo Tours

    Interactive and informative tour