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Unusual mix of darkness and beauty

Lost in time – that’s how you feel in the heart of Bruges, Europe’s best preserved medieval city. This is a dreamy city that could convert the most modern poet into a romantic: nothing upsets the peace and equilibrium of this medieval destination - no high rises, rare neon lights and hardly any blights of modern development. A waffle stall on every corner, romantic carriages on every street, and an airy main square with 47 chiming bells are just some of the city’s unique features.

Belgium-5992 - MinnewaterDennis Jarvis / CC BY-SA 2.0
Belgium-5999 - Minnewater SwanDennis Jarvis / CC BY-SA 2.0

Minnewater Lake

Minnewater Lake

Famous The Lake of Love

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Pollet Yannick

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Most romantic place in Bruges with swans swimming next to you.

The Lake of Love Editors' Note

Minnewater Lake is a beautiful venue located within walking distance of many of the Bruges' main attractions and flanked by a lush and scenic park. Minnewater Lake is also known as the Lake of Love.

This lake was originally the inner harbor of Bruges, or the Binnen Water. Over time, the name of the lake as well as the meaning of the lake’s name changed to the modern version with all of its romantic innuendo.

Minnewater Lake
Minnewater, 8000 Bruges