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Unusual mix of darkness and beauty

Lost in time – that’s how you feel in the heart of Bruges, Europe’s best preserved medieval city. This is a dreamy city that could convert the most modern poet into a romantic: nothing upsets the peace and equilibrium of this medieval destination - no high rises, rare neon lights and hardly any blights of modern development. A waffle stall on every corner, romantic carriages on every street, and an airy main square with 47 chiming bells are just some of the city’s unique features.

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  • Markt & Burg
  • Minnewater & Astrid Park
  • St. Anna
  • St. Gilles


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    wine +Add


    Wine and tapas
    Locals' Pick
    wine +Add

    Wijnbar Est

    Wine pub and jazz club
    Locals' Pick
    gin +Add

    Brugse Gin Club

    Over 150 gins on the menu
    Locals' Pick
    negroni +Add

    Groot Vlaenderen

    Elegant cocktail bar
    Locals' Pick
    jazz +Add

    Joey's Café

    Authentic jazz and blues pub
    27 people in 't Poatersgat +Add

    't Poatersgat

    A must for beer lovers
    Locals' Pick
    beer +Add

    De Vetten Os

    Lively pub
    Locals' Pick
    cocktail +Add

    The Vintage

    What once used to be De Dolle Dries
    Locals' Pick
    Brouwerij De Halve Maan +Add

    Brouwerij De Halve Maan

    Historic brewery with a beer museum
    drink +Add

    Cafe du Theatre

    Party central
    wine +Add

    Vino Vino

    Blues and tapas bar
    Locals' Pick
    pool +Add

    Kingsclub Brugge

    Is it a bar? Is it a boxing ring? Decide for yourself:
    beer +Add


    Central pub and party venue
    beer +Add

    Le Trappiste

    International beer café
    druid's cellar +Add

    The Druid's Cellar

    Irish pub
    whiskey +Add


    Irish bar and restaurant
    cocktail +Add

    The Crash

    Friendly rock café
    dinner +Add

    't Opkikkertje

    Live music, good food
    Locals' Pick
    champagne +Add


    Champagne and wine bar
    pasta +Add

    De Vuurmolen

    Popular night hangout
    cocktail +Add

    Verdriet van België

    Speakeasy bar
    beer +Add

    Hof van Beroep

    Great music, good vibes & homemade food
    't Brugs Beertje +Add

    't Brugs Beertje

    Beerhouse in the centre of Brugge
    Timmermans @ Café Rose Red +Add

    Café Rose Red

    Trappist beers and good food
    Locals' Pick
    Bierbrasserie Cambrinus +Add


    Bier pub and brasserie
    De Kelk +Add

    De Kelk

    Authentic Belgian beers
    Inside view from Lokkedize. +Add


    Ideal rendez-vous after the film or theatre
    Staminee de Garre +Add

    Staminee De Garre

    A small place with very big beer
    Locals' Pick
    Brouwerij De Halve Maan +Add

    De Halve Maan (Straffe Hendrik) Brewery

    Beer at its best