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Unusual mix of darkness and beauty

Lost in time – that’s how you feel in the heart of Bruges, Europe’s best preserved medieval city. This is a dreamy city that could convert the most modern poet into a romantic: nothing upsets the peace and equilibrium of this medieval destination - no high rises, rare neon lights and hardly any blights of modern development. A waffle stall on every corner, romantic carriages on every street, and an airy main square with 47 chiming bells are just some of the city’s unique features.

Restaurants in Bruges

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  • Markt & Burg
  • Minnewater & Astrid Park
  • St. Anna
  • St. Gilles


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    eat +Add


    Contemporary Asian flavors
    Auberge de Herborist +Add

    Auberge de Herborist

    Creative, seasonal cuisine
    food +Add

    Brasserie Raymond

    Contemporary French and Belgian cuisine
    Locals' Pick
    healthy mini pizza +Add

    Brasserie Forrestière

    Vegan-friendly restaurant
    Locals' Pick
    Seafood Mix +Add

    Restaurant Patrick Devos

    Young and innovative, modern cuisine
    Locals' Pick
    Sans Cravate - Amuse 1 - macaron +Add

    Sans Cravate

    Continental restaurant at B&B La Suite
    Locals' Pick
    seafood pasta +Add


    Modern European with vegetarian options
    Locals' Pick
    mash +Add

    Bistro Bruut

    Local, Flemish cuisine
    Locals' Pick
    De Bron +Add

    De Bron

    Vegetarian fare in Bruges
    Locals' Pick
    Local tomatoes +Add


    Honest Italian food
    Locals' Pick
    Power Roll #sushi #japanese +Add


    Original Japanese since 1989
    Locals' Pick
    risotto +Add

    Pasta Presto

    Italian restaurant and takeaway
    Locals' Pick
    Brugge Zandwegemolen R02 +Add


    Protected mill, and restaurant
    Day 19: Fries +Add

    Bistro Du Phare

    Romantic pub on the canals
    Last sip of wine +Add

    Pastis Apéro en Bistro

    Fresh, organic vegetables, organic dairy products, and seafood
    Seafood Salad +Add


    Traditional and International cuisine, delicious seafood, and various ...
    WafflesAndTheGang +Add

    't Pallieterke

    Traditional Belgian cuisine, tasty seafood, and an attached tearoom
    Outside de Mosselkelder +Add

    De Mosselkelder

    Simple and tasty seafood selections offered in a historic setting
    2014-07-08 21.39.25 +Add

    Maximiliaan van Oostenrijk

    Regional dishes, seafood, vegetables, and savory charcoal grilled meat
    Het Kapittel - Bruges +Add

    Het Kapittel

    Seafood dishes with mixed vegetables, game and desserts
    Lissewege Ter Doest Schuur R01 +Add

    Hof ter Doest

    Pleasant dining with exclusive ambiance
    Soup, salmon, tuna at Den Dyver +Add

    Den Dyver

    Delicious French cuisine with seafood, duck, and pheasant dishes
    Curiosa bienvenida +Add


    Tasty meat and fish served in a restored medieval cellar
    Mussels +Add

    De Carré

    Seafood and hearty breakfast dishes, also features vegetarian dishes
    Brugge Minnewater R01 +Add

    De Bekoring

    Delicious traditional cuisine near the lake and park
    potatoes +Add

    De Lotus

    Vegetarian cuisine featuring a variety of fresh vegetables
    strawberry crepes +Add

    Graaf van Vlaanderen

    Steak and chops, pasta, fresh salad, and pancakes
    Duc de Bourgogne Hotel, Bruges, Belgium. +Add

    Duc de Bourgogne

    Classic cuisine with holiday and seasonal specialties
    Belgium +Add

    De Visscherie

    Fresh gourmet seafood and a wide variety of shellfish dishes
    Soup +Add

    De Stove

    Delicious seafood and other homemade fare
    shrimp +Add

    De Snippe

    Nouvelle French and Belgian cuisine and delicious seafood
    Tripel Karmeliet +Add

    De Karmeliet

    Home of the award-winning chef Geert Van Hecke
    Locals' Pick
    Fresh Louisiana Crawfish +Add

    Breydel de Coninc

    Seafood and homemade ice creams
    Bistrot Bruno Loubet, Clerkenwell, London +Add

    Brasserie Erasmus

    Dutch cuisine, a wide variety of beer, and fish
    mutton rogan josh +Add


    Exotic Indian cuisine and delicious spicy seafood dishes
    Hotel 't Putje +Add

    't Putje

    Belgian and Continental cuisine, tasty grilled meat, and seafood
    Brugge,t'pandreitje +Add

    't Pandreitje

    Flemish cuisine, superb seafood, and classic dining
    Lobster Tail Tuesdays +Add

    't Koffieboontje

    Belgian cuisine, delicious seafood, and traditional dishes
    mash +Add

    't Huidevettershuis

    Flemish cuisine, delicious seafood, and traditional dishes
    Avond in Brugge +Add

    't Bourgoensche Cruyce

    French and Belgian cuisine mixture, tasty seafood, and seasonal ...