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Unusual mix of darkness and beauty

Lost in time – that’s how you feel in the heart of Bruges, Europe’s best preserved medieval city. This is a dreamy city that could convert the most modern poet into a romantic: nothing upsets the peace and equilibrium of this medieval destination - no high rises, rare neon lights and hardly any blights of modern development. A waffle stall on every corner, romantic carriages on every street, and an airy main square with 47 chiming bells are just some of the city’s unique features.

Shopping in Bruges

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  • Markt & Burg
  • Minnewater & Astrid Park
  • St. Anna
  • St. Gilles


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    Callebert +Add


    Design store, with a large section for kids
    guitar +Add


    Historic musical instruments shop
    D's Deldycke traiteurs +Add

    D's Deldycke Traiteurs

    A paradise for foodies
    "The Old Chocolate House", Brügge +Add

    The Old Chocolate House

    For delicious Belgian chocolate
    Passion is... +Add

    BbyB Chocolates

    Gourmet chocolates and pralines
    Locals' Pick
    beautiful faces +Add


    For hip, urban women
    Diana_Dondoe-Purple +Add

    Twee Meisjes

    Designer brands and outlet prices
    denim shorts 1 +Add


    For funky, original fashion
    beautiful faces +Add

    A Suivre

    Specialized in women's fashion
    Butik +Add


    Scandinavian fashion only
    fashion +Add

    Via Giulia

    Exclusive fashion for women
    CQ 3 +Add

    Villa Maria

    Multi-brand shopping experience
    vegetables +Add


    100% organic food
    Locals' Pick
    Olives +Add


    Organic supermarket
    Locals' Pick
    Olives +Add

    De Olijfboom

    Over 80 different olive oils, and much more
    Locals' Pick
    Book Worm +Add


    Independent bookstore
    Locals' Pick
    Steer Shop +Add

    Steer Shop

    Your favorite bike store
    Locals' Pick
    Babelutte 2 +Add

    Moeder Babelutte

    Deli, bakery and chocolate shop
    Chocolate +Add

    Chocolaterie t' Begijntje

    Luxury chocolates
    Shock-o-latier Dominique Persoone (1) +Add

    The Chocolate Line

    Gourmet chocolates
    Locals' Pick
    Chocolate Truffles - Day 37 of 50 Project +Add

    Chocolaterie Guillaume

    Authentic Belgian chocolates
    Dumon +Add

    Dumon Chocolatier

    Delicious chocolates and pralines
    caramel chocolate bar +Add


    Fine chocolates, since 1933
    Zilverpand +Add


    Monumental shopping complex
    B-Park +Add


    Brugge's largest shopping center
    beautiful faces +Add


    A fashion hotspot in Brugge
    PTS10 Received! +Add

    Goûts et Couleurs

    Designer made home interiors
    Ruby Red Red Wing +Add

    The Lodge Bruges

    Contemporary fashion
    Fashion ✝ victim #1 +Add

    Miss Beaver

    Vintage store
    'Chocolatier Van Oost at Wollestraat 11, The Bottle Shop at Wollestraat 13, and Chocoladehuisje at Wollestraat 15' by Tania Dey +Add


    Delicious artisan chocolate
    Medieval Calligraphy +Add


    Everything relating to words
    My Luve Is Like a Red, Red Rose +Add

    Think Twice Brugge

    Vintage and second hand fashion
    Student +Add

    Brugse Boekhandel

    Excellent range of children's books and more
    Bruges lace +Add

    't apostelientje

    Rare and vintage laces
    Dakini on a Gray Dog, Nyingmapa Buddhist or Bon Ritual Card LACMA M.88.59.2 +Add

    Lal Handicrafts Nepalese & Tibetan Arts Gallery

    Exotic art, gifts and souvenirs