Brussels – a quirky, offbeat capital

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but also the capital of Europe and a city of culture and gentle hedonism. Surrounding the city’s major set piece, the Grand'Place, a visitor to Brussels will find the finest restaurants, endearing bars, and some of the world’s finest works of art and astounding architecture. The vibe here is laissez-faire; so relax, go with the flow, and let Brussels slowly soak into your spirit.

Horta Museum (Musee Horta)

Horta Museum (Musee Horta)

Experience Victor Horta's home and Art Nouveau designs

Experience Victor Horta's home and Art Nouveau designs Editors' Note

The Horta Museum is dedicated to the life and work of one of Belgium’s most acclaimed architects, Victor Horta. The architect designed and resided in the exquisite Art Nouveau home during the 1890’s.

The Horta Museum features Art Nouveau elements including the use of industrial materials; decorations inspired by nature; and decorative mosaics. All illuminated by natural light from a beautiful glass ceiling. The Horta Museum houses a display of interiors including furniture and art objects designed by Horta himself. The museum also boasts a collection of documents related to Horta’s life and time. Make an appointment for a guided tour of this masterpiece in Dutch, English, French, German and Italian.

Horta Museum (Musee Horta)
25, rue Americaine, 1060 Brussels
+23 2 543 0490