Brussels – a quirky, offbeat capital

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but also the capital of Europe and a city of culture and gentle hedonism. Surrounding the city’s major set piece, the Grand'Place, a visitor to Brussels will find the finest restaurants, endearing bars, and some of the world’s finest works of art and astounding architecture. The vibe here is laissez-faire; so relax, go with the flow, and let Brussels slowly soak into your spirit.


Bosquet 58

Bosquet 58

Retro bar with modest appeal

Retro bar with modest appeal Editors' Note

Hidden away in a quiet residential street, Bosquet has a reputation based on word of mouth alone. Set in an old bar, nothing has been done to enhance its ‘70s bronze wallpaper feel.

What has happened is that French chef Marc Louradour got fed up with the stress of the big kitchen and decided to set up this modest two- or three-course menu resto. And what menus they are: duck breasts, leg of lamb, sole, all served with masses of veggies and sauce.

It’s only him cooking (even his own bread) and the missus serving out front so it can be a bit slow at weekends when it packs out. You won’t want to sit back and take in the decor while you wait, but you will become part of the chatter and buzz of this unique place.

Bosquet 58
58 rue Bosquet, Brussels
02 544 13 15
noon-3pm, 6-10pm Mon-Fri; 6-10pm Sat, Sun.