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A city of beautifully faded elegance

Panoramically divided by the Danube, Hungary’s capital exudes faded grandeur. Comprised of busy Pest and residential Buda, the Habsburg city of grand boulevards and elegant bridges was built in the late 1800s. With its five-star hotels, spa baths, landmark coffeehouses and key restaurants wonderfully restored, Budapest provides top-notch services. An underground counterculture and savage party scene complete the picture of this cool, modern city.

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City Park (Városliget)

City Park (Városliget)

Famous Park hosting the world's largest artficial ice surface

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Park hosting the world's largest artficial ice surface Editors' Note

Hõsök tere is the front gate to the City Park (Városliget), Budapest’s main area for leisure. Laid out by French designer Nebbion, its amenities include a boating lake, an ice ring, the Széchenyi baths, the Zoo, the Vidám (Amusement) Park, the Transport Museum and Petõfi Csarnok concert hall.

The setting for the 1896 Magyar Millennium celebrations, the area has a theme-park feel that survives in the Disneyfied Vadjahunyad Castle, a structure that incorporates replica pieces of famous Hungarian castles from throughout history. The castle’s Transylvanian tower looms over the boating lake, and the baroque-style wing is home to the antiquated Agriculture Museum.

City Park (Városliget)
City Park, Budapest
363 3710
Winter 9am-3.30pm daily. Summer 9am-6pm Mon-Fri; 9am-7pm Sat, Sun