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A city of beautifully faded elegance

Panoramically divided by the Danube, Hungary’s capital exudes faded grandeur. Comprised of busy Pest and residential Buda, the Habsburg city of grand boulevards and elegant bridges was built in the late 1800s. With its five-star hotels, spa baths, landmark coffeehouses and key restaurants wonderfully restored, Budapest provides top-notch services. An underground counterculture and savage party scene complete the picture of this cool, modern city.

Museums in Budapest

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  • Belváros
  • Castle Hill
  • Erzsebetvaros
  • Gellért Hill
  • Jozsefvaros
  • Margit-sziget
  • Terezvaros
  • Ujlipotvaros


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    Marzipan museum +Add

    Szamos Marcipán Múzeum

    Budapest's destination for sweet dreams
    diamond +Add

    Dorottya Diamond Palace

    Hungary's unique diamond palace, the largest in Europe
    Locals' Pick
    Budapešť, Belváros, Országház, vlajky Maďarska a Velké Británie +Add

    Szecesszió Háza

    The Hungarian Art Nouveau House
    Locals' Pick
    Fegyverbe! +Add

    Memento Park

    Open air museum dedicated to the local Communist past
    Locals' Pick
    Budapesti Közlekedési Múzeum +Add

    Museum of Transport (Kozlekedesi Muzeum)

    How Budapest's transit system was built
    Augusz zongora +Add

    Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum (Liszt Ferenc ...

    Commemorating Budapest's famous musician
    Balatonakali múzeum 4 +Add

    Imre Varga Collection (Gyűjtemény)

    Honoring the nationally-recognized sculptor
    Mezőgazdasági Múzeum (16293. számú műemlék) 8 +Add

    Hungarian Agricultural Museum (Magyar ...

    Learn of the history and economic impact of Hungary's agriculture
    BudaLudwigMuseum +Add

    Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art

    Local and international modern art
    Aquincumi muzeum +Add

    Aquincumi Múzeum

    New setting for Budapest's finest Roman finds
    Székely Ady - A +Add

    Ady Memorial Museum (Ady Emlékmúzeum‎)

    Museum-residence of Hungary's greatest poet
    Galeria Ernst Budapest 053 +Add

    Ernst Museum

    A memorial to Lajos Ernst
    Béla Bartók +Add

    Béla Bartók Memorial House

    Budapest museum reconstructed from his home
    Hungarian National Museum, Budapest +Add

    National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum)

    Hungary's National Museum since 1802
    Hungarian National Museum, Budapest +Add

    Budapest History Museum (Budapesti Történeti ...

    Charting the history of both the Royal Palace and Budapest
    BP_Terror_Haza_01 (House of Terror) +Add

    House of Terror Museum (Terror Háza)

    The former headquarters of the secret police on Andrassy Avenue
    Budapest _ Crafts Museum Interior +Add

    Museum of Applied Arts

    Ödön Lechner's Finest
    Kossuth Lajos Tér: Néprajzi Múzeum +Add

    Museum of Ethnography (Néprajzi Múzeum)

    Founded as the Ethnographic Department of the Hungarian National ...