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Called “The Paris of South America,” Buenos Aires is truly a magical and culture-filled city. Packed-past-midnight restaurants, charming streets, friendly bars, architectural delights, and tango in the streets are just some of what makes this seductive city so hard to forget.

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Complejo Village Recoleta

Complejo Village Recoleta

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Complejo Village Recoleta near Recoleta Cemetery includes bars, restaurants, games arcade, bookshop and a record store. It’s the perfect place to pass an afternoon exploring and once you’ve toured the cemetery, you can stop in for a bite at one of the many fantastic eateries that fill the area.

A little shopping afterwards and if you’ve got any time left to watch a film, you’re bound to find something that appeals in the 16-screen cinema spread over three floors.

Complejo Village Recoleta
2050 Vicente López, Buenos Aires
0810 810 2463
Open from 11am daily.