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Copenhagen is reassuringly provincial

The capital of Denmark since 1443, there’s more to Copenhagen than canals and bicycles. Though still known for its free spirit (as epitomised by autonomous Christiania), it’s also celebrated for its harbor-bathing facilities, fashion weeks, and Michelin-starred restaurants. Recognized for its high quality of life and equally high living costs, Copenhagen is also the perfect city for families, with a wealth of activities exclusively for children and ample green space and parks. With the Øresund Bridge placing Sweden just minutes away, Copenhagen is the very picture of a youthful, modern city.

Almost sunset at the Opera (Denmark #34 Copenhagen Opera)Nelson L. / CC BY 2.0
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The Opera House

The Opera House

Famous Performing arts center of Copenhagen

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Performing arts center of Copenhagen Editors' Note

The Opera House in Copenhagen is the nation’s opera venue. Visitors will instantly notice this marvelous structure to be one of the most modern in all the world. At a cost of something over $500 million, it may also be one of the most expensive.

Located on the island of Holmen in the center of Copenhagen, The Opera House’s site is reminiscent of Sydney’s Opera House for some. Operated by the Royal Danish Theatre, this fantastic showcase of Danish musical art is a joy for visiting performers as it is one of the best equipped such houses in the world as well. T

he luxurious 1700 seats at The Opera House are so often filled, so booking performances should be undertaken early. As for touring the marvelous structure, a restaurant, a cafe and over 1000 rooms on 14 floors welcome the daily visitor.

The Opera House
Ekvipagemestervej 10, Copenhagen
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