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Copenhagen is reassuringly provincial

The capital of Denmark since 1443, there’s more to Copenhagen than canals and bicycles. Though still known for its free spirit (as epitomised by autonomous Christiania), it’s also celebrated for its harbor-bathing facilities, fashion weeks, and Michelin-starred restaurants. Recognized for its high quality of life and equally high living costs, Copenhagen is also the perfect city for families, with a wealth of activities exclusively for children and ample green space and parks. With the Øresund Bridge placing Sweden just minutes away, Copenhagen is the very picture of a youthful, modern city.

IMG_0803Ken Marshall / CC BY 2.0

Ritan Park

Ritan Park

Home to the Temple of Sun

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Home to the Temple of Sun Editors' Note

Ritan Park is one of the four royal shrines, and is the altar of the Sun. Built in 1530 it was used by Ming and Qing Emperors to make sacrifices to the gods. But now Ritan is one of Beijing’s more peaceful parks.

Certainly not as impressive or lively as the Temple of Heaven, Ritan is one of the best spots to see old folk practise tai chi, swordplay or twirling napkins in the morning without hordes of tourists flooding the place. Stop in for a rest at the Stone Boat Café or one of the other restaurants surrounding the park.

Ritan Park
6 Ritan Bei Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing
+86 10 8563 5038
6am-8pm daily.