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Copenhagen is reassuringly provincial

The capital of Denmark since 1443, there’s more to Copenhagen than canals and bicycles. Though still known for its free spirit (as epitomised by autonomous Christiania), it’s also celebrated for its harbor-bathing facilities, fashion weeks, and Michelin-starred restaurants. Recognized for its high quality of life and equally high living costs, Copenhagen is also the perfect city for families, with a wealth of activities exclusively for children and ample green space and parks. With the Øresund Bridge placing Sweden just minutes away, Copenhagen is the very picture of a youthful, modern city.

Pan-seared Trout with Tomato, Avocado Medleyatl10trader / CC BY 2.0



Locals' Pick A restaurant with "wow"

Profile Image of Le Gammeltoft

Le Gammeltoft

Music pro, DJ and more.

A fab place to get late dinner or after dinner drinks.

A restaurant with "wow" Editors' Note

Considered rather an entertainment venue than a restaurant, as being founded by a comedian and two nightclub owners, Congo is, nevertheless, a great experience for foodies. The menu is rich and diverse, with house specialties like sea trout, steak tartar, flank steak, and the famous bush meat menu.

Congo’s chef is Ronni Mortensen, a young rising star, who used to work for AOC. Prepare to pay peppered prices, especially for the drinks. Excellent atmosphere, with a bit of humour here and there, and loud music everywhere.

St Kongensgade 34, 1264 CPH K Copenhagen