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Dallas - Ft. Worth offers a truly diverse character, and is a city that’s as enjoyable as it is surprising. Dallas shows off glittering big city style, an incredible sports culture around the Dallas Cowboys, and the diversity of a true metropolis. Head over to Ft. Worth, and you’ll find a laid-back vibe with plenty of Texan culture to go around.

TBarM Racquet Club

TBarM Racquet Club

Just about everything a sportsman needs

Just about everything a sportsman needs Editors' Note

TBarM Racquet Club is North Texas' premier tennis club, which plays host to the Challenger of Dallas, one of the ATP/USTA Pro Circuit’s top tournaments. A myriad of court choices from indoor to clay, and a vast array of other amenities, make this an athlete’s paradise, especially the tennis player.

Fine dining, swimming, a fitness center,, a basketball court, a pool, running track, just about any service an athletic club should have the TBarM Racquet Club has in multiples. Grab a massage or relax with after event cocktails, there’s no shortage of sports pampering here.

TBarM Racquet Club
6060 Dilbeck Ln, Dallas, 75240 Dallas
+1 972 233 4444
Mon - Thurs 7 Am until 10 Pm, Fri 7 - 8 Pm, Sat & Sun 7 until 5:30 Pm