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The Mile-High City

Denver got its nickname “Mile High City” from its altitude of 5280ft, but it soars as a fantastic travel destination for many other reasons besides its height. It boasts everything a cosmopolitan city has to offer: monthly festivals, museums and art, a great craft beer scene, international gourmet cuisine, and gorgeous parks. In addition, its proximity the mountains offers plenty of opportunities for beautiful views, crystal clear lakes, abundant wildlife, and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Oh Glorius TreeAnne Marie Peterson / CC BY-SA 2.0

Two Below Zero

Two Below Zero

Famous As unique as Colorado itself

As unique as Colorado itself Editors' Note

Two Below Zero have been offering winter dinner sleigh rides and summer dinner chuckwagon rides in Summit County since 1983, and it is one of the area’s most popular attractions. Vistas of grand mountain peaks and towering pines make these rides relaxing, romantic, picturesque and unforgettable.

Two Below Zero is a favorite attraction for Travel Channel TV host Samantha Brown. Perhaps the most important detail you want to know is that the price is more than affordable. Touring with Two Below Zero is the ideal family activity when visiting Denver and the neighboring county. On request, Two Below Zero organize special tours for corporate, office parties, family reunions, weddings and more.

Two Below Zero
18454 Highway 9, Frisco, 80443 Denver
+1 9704531520