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Dubai: the Middle East meets the world with astonishing results

A period of extraordinary activity has transformed Dubai into one of the most modern and luxurious cities on the planet. The world’s tallest tower, a series of man-made islands, gigantic aquariums, indoor ski slopes and seven-star hotels make Dubai one of the world’s fastest-growing tourist destinations. But don’t be fooled into thinking there is nothing more to Dubai than glitz and glamour. Scratch the surface and the heartbeat of a multicultural, multifaceted city still beats strong.

Dubai Jumeirah Beachpe-sa / CC BY 3.0

Open beach

Open beach

Free beach for family fun

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Free beach for family fun Editors' Note

While you can quickly burn your way through a small fortune visiting Dubai, the city’s free and open beaches are still a wonderful option open to everyone.

Stretching up the Jumeirah coast between Rashid Docks and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, you can find many places to stretch out, swim or walk. Look out for kitesurfers, kayakers and volleyball players who all add to the hive of activity.

Open beach
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