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There are many sides to Dublin and even if you’re visiting for only a few days, you’ll probably see them all. Because of the city’s compact size, prosperity and poverty live side by side, especially around the north inner city. However, most Dubliners take a real pride in their city. With good reason, too, as it has so much to offer, from great shopping to world-class galleries and museums. And, ofcourse, a fantastic pub scene.

Temple Bar Area Of Dublin - The Oliver St. John GogartyWilliam Murphy / CC BY-SA 2.0
Temple Bar, DublinKevin Gibbons / CC BY 2.0
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Image of Temple Bar
Image of Temple Bar
Image of Temple Bar

Temple Bar

Temple Bar

Famous With a history of over 160 years

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Hannah Hawkshaw


Temple Bar is probably one of my favorite places in Dublin City. It’s so hip and edgy, and has some really great vintage stores to peruse as well as a lively atmosphere.

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With a history of over 160 years Editors' Note

Two words sum up Temple Bar: always packed. This wasn’t always the case but the current situation is excellent news for the owners. One unusual feature is the outdoor area in the middle of the large bar – a good place for a cigarette break.

Traditional music and singalongs make this a haven for foreign accents: don’t expect to hear much Irish lilt.

Temple Bar
47/48 Temple Bar, 2 Dublin
+353 1 672 5286/7
Open 11am-12.30am Mon-Sat; noon-12.30am Sun.