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There are many sides to Dublin and even if you’re visiting for only a few days, you’ll probably see them all. Because of the city’s compact size, prosperity and poverty live side by side, especially around the north inner city. However, most Dubliners take a real pride in their city. With good reason, too, as it has so much to offer, from great shopping to world-class galleries and museums. And, ofcourse, a fantastic pub scene.

Nightclubs in Dublin

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  • Ballsbridge-Sandymount
  • Center North
  • Dún Laoghaire
  • Phoenix Park
  • St Stephen's Green
  • Temple Bar - Dublin Castle
  • The Coombe - Warrenmount
  • The O2
  • Trinity College


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    Rainbow +Add

    The George

    Night club and gay bar
    Locals' Pick
    Greystones At Night +Add

    Front Lounge

    Large and modern nightclub
    Blue guitar +Add


    Soak up some great rock and blues sounds