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Avant-garde German Architecture

You’ve never imagined Germany this way. With its stunning, futuristic skyline and Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt is a lively city, where travelers can find something exciting to do every day. Rich and opulent (the financial capital of Continental Europe), Frankfurt is a city of contrasts. Alongside the most avant-garde skyscrapers, some of Germany’s oldest buildings coexist, carefully preserved, for future generations.

Mdw-29-35-37-ffm002dontworry / CC BY-SA 3.0

Museum of World Culture

Museum of World Culture

A museum of touching and trying

A museum of touching and trying Editors' Note

The Museum of World Cultures (Museum der Weltkulturen) is a place for approaching and experiencing other ways of life. It also offers contemporary art from outside Europe and more.

The Museum of World Cultures has no permanent exhibitions, but its presentations create something out of an immense body of discoveries from all continents. There is also a library with over 40,000 volumes as well as journals on ethnology. Activities include educational programs for children, adolescents and adults.

Museum of World Culture
Schaumainkai 29-37, 60594 Frankfurt
+49 69 212 35913