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Avant-garde German Architecture

You’ve never imagined Germany this way. With its stunning, futuristic skyline and Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt is a lively city, where travelers can find something exciting to do every day. Rich and opulent (the financial capital of Continental Europe), Frankfurt is a city of contrasts. Alongside the most avant-garde skyscrapers, some of Germany’s oldest buildings coexist, carefully preserved, for future generations.

Storch Gebäude 1902

Zum Storch

Zum Storch

A restaurant with history

A restaurant with history Editors' Note

The location “Zum Storch” was first mentioned in 1317, only 2 years after the construction of the famous Frankfurter Dom. Since 1704 it is a restaurant and was destroyed during World War II. It was rebuilt in 1953 and since 1960 the Hahn-family is taking care of the wellbeing of their guests.

Even the famous poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a frequent guest of “Zum Storch.” The restaurant offers original Frankfurt specialties and traditional German cuisine such as prime boiled beef with Frankfurter Grüne Soße, Sauerbraten served with red cabbage and potato dumplings.

Zum Storch boasts a genuine rustic interior, like many traditional German restaurants. Summers at Zum Storch are even more enjoyable, with gorgeous food and breathtaking views of the Frankfurter Dom.

Zum Storch
Saalgasse 3-5 Frankfurt am Main, 60311 Frankfurt
+49 69 28 49 88