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Geneva is the world’s sixth most important financial center, a worldwide center for diplomacy and international cooperation, the watch capital of the world, and a center for exquisite jewelry. The city offers a rich cultural experience, where museums and art galleries abound. The presence of the Palace of Nations and home of the United Nations headquarters also adds an exciting international flavor.

 Creux-de-Genthod Romano1246 / CC BY-SA 3.0

Creux de Genthod

Creux de Genthod

A percetly picturesque setting on Lake Geneva

A percetly picturesque setting on Lake Geneva Editors' Note

The bay at Genthod has sheltered boats from the elements since the 17th century. Creux de Genthod is a fantastic restaurant located overlooking the bay in an historic stone house there. This third generation restaurant serves all the local favorites from its lovely perch.

Seasonal favorites are the specialty at Creux de Genthod. Try the filets de perches, it is a favorite all around the lake, but nowhere better than here. Wine, cocktails, a cigar on the terrace, you won’t think of anything else to ask for.

Creux de Genthod
Route du Creux de Genthod 29, Genthod, Geneva
+41 (0)22 774 10 06
12 PM until 11 PM daily