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Scandinavia's busiest port

It may be a busy port, but Gothenburg has much more to offer than traditional water-related attractions. It’s inexpensive, compared to other destinations in Sweden, but so much fun: there are over 60,000 students at the University of Gothenburg, so you can expect an exciting, youthful atmosphere everywhere you go. Don’t miss Liseberg, Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, or, if you’d like to experience the city’s heritage first hand, check out Skansen Kronan and Haga, with its picturesque wooden houses from the 19th century.

SunsetErik Söderström / CC BY 2.0

Keillers Park

Keillers Park

A relaxing park within the city

A relaxing park within the city Editors' Note

Keillers Park is situated in Ramberget, Hisingen. The park was donated to the city of Gothenburg in 1906 by James Kieler, who was then the Director of Götaverken.

Keillers Park is not as elaborate or grand as Slottskogen. However, if you’re ever by Ramberget, it is a place worth visiting. There are no cafes or restaurants within the immediate vicinity of the park, but there is a huge grocery store located at Wielsegrensplatsen should you feel like grabbing a snack or having a picnic in the park.

You can also find a number of hotels such as Scandic Europa and Quality Hotel 11 near the park. To get to the Keillers Park, take trams 2 or 5 going to Wielsegrensplatsen.

Keillers Park
Keillers Park, Gothenburg
7am to 9pm