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Scandinavia's busiest port

It may be a busy port, but Gothenburg has much more to offer than traditional water-related attractions. It’s inexpensive, compared to other destinations in Sweden, but so much fun: there are over 60,000 students at the University of Gothenburg, so you can expect an exciting, youthful atmosphere everywhere you go. Don’t miss Liseberg, Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, or, if you’d like to experience the city’s heritage first hand, check out Skansen Kronan and Haga, with its picturesque wooden houses from the 19th century.

Cappuchino Johan Lange / CC BY 2.0

Kahls Kaffe

Kahls Kaffe

Gothenburg's Coffee Roasting House

Gothenburg's Coffee Roasting House Editors' Note

Kahls Kaffe was established by Carl Birger Nilsson in Gothenburg in the year 1911. Today, the cafe is still family-run and managed by the third generation of the founder. Khals coffee is an exclusive brand and is not sold in supermarkets.

Kahls Kaffe organizes coffee tutorial and tours at its roasting house. The tutorial includes the history of coffee, coffee tasting and a tour of the roasting house. For clients of Kahls Kaffe, the course is free of charge. Non-customers on the other hand are required to pay a minimal fee.

Kahls Kaffe
Beatrice Lesslies gata 18, 42131 Gothenburg
+46 31 755 7600
7AM to 11PM