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A city of Northern Lights

Many refer to Helsinki as a “miniature version of St Petersburg.” Although the Russian influence is dominant, Helsinki was shaped by influences from both the East and West. This is a young city, nestled in an archipelago of hundreds of tiny islands that create a heavenly environment for cruises. Helsinki is a laid-back city, ideal for tranquil holidays, and romantic encounters under the splendid Northern Lights (visible during cold winters).

Columbus S-MarketGregorius / CC BY-SA 3.0



A good shopping center in Vuosaari

A good shopping center in Vuosaari Editors' Note

Columbus in Vuosaari cannot be called a favorite (after all, nothing compares to Itäkeskus), but it is a good shopping center nevertheless. It boasts the classic supermarkets, fashion shops, toy stores and technical equipment departments.

In addition, Columbus offers a few restaurants, a pharmacy and a hairdresser.

Vuotie 45, 00980 Helsinki
10am-8pm Mon-Fri; 9am-6pm Sat