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A city of Northern Lights

Many refer to Helsinki as a “miniature version of St Petersburg.” Although the Russian influence is dominant, Helsinki was shaped by influences from both the East and West. This is a young city, nestled in an archipelago of hundreds of tiny islands that create a heavenly environment for cruises. Helsinki is a laid-back city, ideal for tranquil holidays, and romantic encounters under the splendid Northern Lights (visible during cold winters).

Old Market Hall (Vanha Kauppahalli)Ewa Rozkosz / CC BY-SA 2.0

Old Market Hall (Wanha Kauppahalli)

Old Market Hall (Wanha Kauppahalli)

A casual glimpse into the local foods of Helsinki

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A casual glimpse into the local foods of Helsinki Editors' Note

The Old Market Hall (Wanha Kauppahalli) is a popular shopping destination. Located in the immediate vicinity of the Market Square, the hall houses over thirty specialist shops.

At the Old Market Hall (Wanha Kauppahalli) you can purchase anything from cheese and coffee beans to seafood and sweets. This is a perfect place to shop when the weather conditions keep the Market Square closed.

Old Market Hall (Wanha Kauppahalli)
Etelaranta, Helsinki
09 665 061
Weekdays 8.00-18.00; weekends 8.00-16.00